Bear Mountain 50k training: cycle 4/6

At the top of the Beacon firetower.

I’m posting this so late! But here it is.

Week 13 (2/12/18-2/18/18): Endurance. 24.4 miles. This was a weird week in that it REALLY didn’t go according to plan – in the first twelve weeks of training I only missed two (minor) runs; this week I missed one regular run, one hill workout, and one speed workout! I didn’t feel very rested after last week’s “recovery,” plus my husband came down with a bad flu, and between all that and taking on too much freelance work I was lower on sleep and shorter on time than I should have been. Extending my recovery week, which is basically what I did, was a good thing, even though I’m feeling bad about missing workouts. I still got a lot of strength work in (two yoga sessions, plus some stuff at home and one rock-climbing session) and the weekend’s long runs were awesome: 7.6 miles with 3,000 feet of elevation gain on Saturday, then 12 miles flat but mostly snow and ice on Sunday.

Week 14 (2/19/18-2/25/18): Endurance. 38.6 miles + 13 biking. This is more like it! I was still feeling pretty beat from the weekend’s runs, but I dragged myself through a speedwork session on Tuesday, got in a long (8-mile) midweek run Wednesday, and swapped things around to do my Saturday long run (14 miles) on the treadmill Friday morning. It sounds worse than it actually was.

Week 15 (2/26/18-3/4/18): Endurance. 44.7 miles + 9 biking. As far as I can tell, this was my highest mileage week ever! Cool. It included a 7.7-mile hill workout, a 9-mile midweek run, and weekend runs of 15 miles (Rockefeller State Park Preserve) and 8 miles (Prospect Park). Plus quite a bit of rock climbing. I’m feeling pretty beat, and definitely ready for a recovery week.

Week 16 (3/5/18-3/11/18): Recovery. 15.4 miles + 0 biking. Lots of rock climbing and yoga.

Total:   123 miles + 21 biking.

Feeling: A little worried about the next four week. They’ll be my peak mileage weeks.