Portland Marathon training week 16 of 16

Monday 10/2/17: Off.

Tuesday 10/3/17: 3 miles easy, watch-free.

Wednesday 10/4/17: 4 miles in the park with a few friends, picking up the pace a little in the second half.

Thursday 10/5/17: Off.

Friday 10/6/17: 3 miles easy.

Saturday 10/7/17: Off.

Sunday 10/8/17: Portland Marathon! 26.7 miles on my watch. First two-thirds was amazing, second third was more of a struggle than I expected. Sigh. Still a PR. I will probably write a race report soon.

Totals: Running 36.7 miles

Portland Marathon training weeks 14-15 of 16

I’m combining two weeks because I forgot to post the first one!

Monday 9/18/17: Off, just light yoga and vigorous foam rolling after work. I’m feeling pretty rough after Sunday’s long run.

Tuesday 9/19/17: Easy 5 miles

Wednesday 9/20/17: Off.

Thursday 9/21/17: Off.

Friday 9/22/17: 8 miles at a good clip (tempo-ish?)

Saturday 9/23/17: Partying at a wedding most of the day.

Sunday 9/24/17: Too tired (and slightly hungover) to get myself out for a run, so I pushed it to Monday.

Totals: 13 miles running, though counting Monday’s 12 it would be 25 miles running.

Monday 9/25/17: 12 miles in the park before work, 10:36 avg pace.

Tuesday 9/26/17: Off.

Wednesday 9/27/17: Two short tempos (1.5 miles each around 10:00/mile) for 6 miles total.

Thursday 9/28/17: Off.

Friday 9/29/17: Easy 4 miles. Cooler weather feels amazing!

Saturday 9/30/17: 10 miles on my bike.

Sunday 10/1/17: Final “long” run: 7.5 miles.

Totals: 29.5 miles running (would make better sense to subtract Monday’s long run and call it 17), plus 10 miles biking.