Portland Marathon training week 13 of 16

After this week, it’s taper time!

Monday 9/11/17: Easy run after work was cut short because I felt frickin’ seasick. The only reason I can think of is that I had an eye exam on the way home from work, and the doc used some eyedrops that might have affected something balance-related. 2.5 miles. Ugh.

Tuesday 9/12/17: Off.

Wednesday 9/13/17: Morning 400s! Warmed up, ran 8×400, was about the run the final interval when a woman who had found a scared, slightly scratched up lost dog in the park asked me to help her sort the dog out. Sweet dog, and we managed to find the owners and everyone was tearfully, happily reunited … but this was my second run of the week that was cut short! Good news is there was none of the nausea I was feeling Monday evening.

Thursday 9/14/17: Off, and feeling a little pain from the 400s (or maybe from the lack of cooldown?).

Friday 9/15/17: Easy 3 miles before work.

Saturday 9/16/17: Off.

Sunday 9/17/17: Final long-long run. The humidity has been WAY up this weekend and this was tough. 20 miles in 4 hours even, for a 12:00/mile pace. I’m not entirely happy with that pace, but just getting it done was a struggle, so there it is.

Totals: 29.4 miles running.

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