Portland Marathon training week 8 of 16

Wow. Halfway there!

Monday 8/7/17: Easy recovery run after work in the cool rain. 2.5 miles.

Tuesday 8/8/17: Off.

Wednesday 8/9/17: Morning workout: 1 mile warmup, 7×1000 meters (with 45 seconds walking rest in between), 1 mile cooldown. This felt really good. I was supposed to run the 1000s around marathon pace (6:20/km) but my speed kept inching up with each one. I guess I should’ve stuck to the plan but I felt good and strong increasing the pace.

Thursday 8/10/17: Strength work at home (light yoga, myrtls, pushups) after work.

Friday 8/11/17: Morning run: 6 miles, 10:40 avg pace. Bought new shoes after work (Brooks Revel).

Saturday 8/12/17: Off. Possibly the laziest day of my life.

Sunday 8/13/17: The training plan had 12 miles scheduled but I switched it for next week’s 17 miles … and got through 16.2 total. It was rough and hot, and it didn’t help that my watch was spazzing out and not synched up to the GPS right. (So yeah, that 16.2 is a guess.) 11:30-11:45 avg/mile.

Totals: 32 miles running; my bike is sad and gathering dust in the corner.

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