Portland Marathon training week 6 of 16

Week 6! Got all my mileage in just fine but cross-training was … nonexistent.

Monday 7/24/17: Rest day. Kitten learned how to sleep in my lap.

Tuesday 7/25/17: Morning loop of the park: 4 miles at 10:00 pace. Felt stiff from three days off, but had plenty of energy and the cooler weather was pleasant.

Wednesday 7/26/17: Morning run: 6 miles at 10:00 pace with a focus on hills. Incredibly cool, sunny day and everything felt great.

Thursday 7/27/17: Rest day.

Friday 7/28/17: 6-mile morning solo run. I wanted to just do an “as you feel” 6-miler, not checking my watch. I did that for the first 5 miles, thinking I was keeping the pace steady, but the humidity and heat were back and I didn’t have any oomph left at the end, so I just did the last mile as an easy cool-down. But when I got home and checked my miles splits, it was a nice progression: 10:20, 9:47, 9:43, 9:27, 9:18, then 10:32. So that’s fine. The last few days off cool weather (Wednesday especially) felt incredible, but I think we’re back to “real” New York summer now.

Saturday 7/29/17: Rest day, focusing on kitten socialization.

Sunday 7/30/17: Long solo run. Cool and sunny, but I struggled with hydration and fueling (not enough of either beforehand, and didn’t carry enough water or gels with me). At 11:05/mile, my average pace was totally fine, but I don’t like the way I did it (fading at the end and overall feeling like I worked too hard).

Totals: 30 miles running (yeah!) but no biking or climbing. I blame the kitten – I didn’t want to leave her home for longer stretches of time than absolutely necessary.

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