Portland Marathon training week 5 of 16

No-name kitten demonstrates perfect rest-day form.

This week was a scorcher! It also featured an unexpected kitten (!) and a missed long run (boo).

Monday 7/17/17: Ran the NYRR RUN 5k race in Prospect Park after work. We were late to the race (as in, heard the start horn in the distance when we were still shuffling across the park to the start) and started way at the back of the pack. This was frustrating because I ended up spending the entire race weaving – usually in a NYRR race, as long as I start in my proper corral, the first mile at most will be choked up and slow and then I can settle into a good pace, but this is the first time I’ve spent an entire race in that situation. The temperature was in the low 80s with super-high humidity, so between that and the weaving there was no PR in sight. Still, I ran 26:53 on my watch (8:28/mile), and I’m fine with that.

Tuesday 7/18/17: I had a bike fitting at Bicycle Habitat, which was really interesting! I got a recommendation for a new saddle that will fit my butt bones better (thanks to a machine that measured butt bones), talked about seat height, leg angles, posture, and all this good stuff, used a trainer for the first time, got the cleat on my right shoe adjusted so my foot angle is better, and more. Today was just bike miles, riding to the fitting, to work afterward, and to a bar after work.

Wednesday 7/19/17: Speaking of the bar after work last night: good reminder of why I’m trying to avoid weeknight and night-before-workout drinking. It was fun but … ugh. I moved my morning workout (5x1000m intervals) to the evening but even then, between the heat and some definite dehydration, I couldn’t get through the whole thing. I warmed up, ran two and a half of the 1000s, then just jogged for a total of about 5 miles. Eye-roll.

Thursday 7/20/17: Feeling better, though it’s still crazy hot. No running but I tried some of the Jasyoga reset videos for the first time: Foot Reset, Hip Reset, and Hip Flexor Reset. It felt good. There’s a one-month free trial code via their Instagram page.

Friday 7/21/17: Brooklyn continues to feel like a sauna. 6.5-mile run in the morning, 10:45 pace, stopping at basically every water fountain we passed. A little yoga after work.

Saturday 7/22/17: Rest day, mostly dealing with a stray kitten I found on the fire escape Friday night. Kitten care took precedence over bike miles.

Sunday 7/23/17: Not feeling very well (and not going into details because that would be TMI for a public blog!) and I bailed on the long run. Which I HATED doing, but I think was the right decision. Ugh. Extra sleep, and some quality kitten time.

Totals: 14.5 miles running, 5.5 miles biking. I’m definitely disappointed in the mileage situation, but it was a tough week in a lot of ways.

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