Portland Marathon training week 4 of 16

This week is a step-back week with only three (well, plus one optional) runs according to my training plan. I really appreciated the additional off day, but Wednesday’s workout and Sunday’s long run were still hard work.

Monday 7/10/17: I meant to climb before work but when I woke up, I wanted another hour and a half of sleep more than anything. Light yoga/strength work in the morning and some serious foam rolling at night.

Tuesday 7/11/17: Morning bike laps with the Women’s Cycling NYC group: 20 miles at 16.5mph. This felt good.

Wednesday 7/12/17: Humid evening workout in the park! 2.4-mile warmup, then 8×400 (2:08 working down to 1:57 but not all that steadily) with a minute or so rest between, then 1 mile aiming for marathon pace (9:02, a little too fast), then cooldown.

Thursday 7/13/17: Bailed on climbing again in favor of sleeping in. Evening foam rolling.

Friday 7/14/17: 5 mile morning run at 10:00 pace. Much cooler this morning but still humid. I found a berry patch at mile 4.8 and stopped to pick a bunch, then ran the last 0.2 with a big handful of berries so I could bring them home.

Saturday 7/15/17: 2 hours kayaking in Marine Park with a friend. This was fun! Quick evening swim at Coney Island before a beer-and-french-fry meetup on the boardwalk.

Sunday 7/16/17: 12 mile long run down to Coney Island with training buddy F. It was hot without much shade along the route and we were both a little tired, but I think we did a good job. Average pace 10:36, final mile 9:12 then shoes off and straight into the ocean to cool down.

Totals: 24 miles running, 20 miles biking, no climbing but 2 hours in a kayak.

And with that, Week 4 is done. One-quarter of the way to Portland!

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