Portland Marathon training week 3 of 16

I listened to the Runner’s World Show podcast for the first time this week (I always have big goals for listening to podcasts on the subway, but then I’m distracted by music). Episode 60 was really good. Key takeaway: Stress + rest = growth.

Monday 7/3/17: No work! Three hours bouldering in the morning, then some foam rolling, plus about 12 miscellaneous bike miles (to/from Costco, then to Brighton Beach), and a quick swim at Brighton Beach. Fun, fun day.

Tuesday 7/4/17: No work again! Morning 6-mile run with F. We were both feeling tired and I was pretty sore/stiff from yesterday’s climbing. Five strides at the end of the run and heel dips afterward.

Wednesday 7/5/17: Rest day. It feels weird to have a full rest day mid-week but I’m really appreciating it. Cheered and rang my cowbell enthusiastically at the Al Goldstein 5k race after work; light foam rolling before bed.

Approaching the TrackTown 5k finish line – at least I *look* a little bit like I know what I’m doing?

Thursday 7/6/17: I kept things relatively easy when I climbed in the morning, and did some light foam rolling. I left work early to get to the 5k road race at the start of the TrackTown Summer Series NYC meet on Randalls Island and, despite train delays (UGH) I made it in time to see some teammates, check my bag, and do a decent mile warm-up. I was feeling slightly intimidated by the race itself but also reasonably rested and prepared. Unfortunately I did NOT have the oomph I was hoping for, and my finish time (26:43 by my watch, avg 8:28/min) was nowhere near last month’s PR of 24:58. In retrospect, I don’t think I was quite as rested as I assumed I was; also, I ate a too-big lunch that still had me feeling heavy by the time the race started. Still, it was cool to be at Icahn stadium with teammates and a bunch of other local runners, and I had a blast watching the pros run after us. And there was beer.

Friday 7/7/17: Mostly a rest day: just foam rolling and 8 bike miles to and from Bunna Cafe for dinner. (YUM.)

Saturday 7/8/17: Noon run with some fellow club members to eat key lime pie in Red Hook. I’m not used to midday runs and it was hot and humid but 100% worth it for the pie prize at the end. 5.3 miles, 10:30ish/mile, heel dips afterward.

Sunday 7/9/17: Long run #3! We started at 7 am. It was sunny but less humid than it’s been lately, and there was nice shade and breeze for almost the entire run over the Manhattan Bridge, through Battery Park, and up the west side of Manhattan. This felt really good and I was happy to pick up the pace for the final two miles. 11 miles total, 11:00ish/mile average.

Totals: 27.5 miles running, 20 miles biking, 4.5 hours climbing. I slacked a little on the yoga and strength work at home – gotta fix that next week. This was my highest running mileage week in a while, but it didn’t feel draining.

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