Portland Marathon training week 2 of 16

The ocean is the best ice bath.

Monday 6/26/17: SERIOUS rest day. As in I slept in and didn’t even roll into work until around noon. That felt good.

Tuesday 6/27/17: Early morning run: 4.5 miles in the rain with 4 strides near the end. Heel dips, then strength routine at home.

Wednesday 6/28/17: Morning run: w/u, 6x800m, c/d. This was fun. I forgot intervals were fun. I like the 800m distance.

Thursday 6/29/17: Morning climbing: 1.5 hours on the bouldering walls with two good friends who are also in the early stages of their marathon training cycles. Discussions about how to balance running, cycling, climbing, and life ensued. Evening: a little yoga time and some foam rolling.

Friday 6/30/17: Morning run: 2 miles warmup, 1 mile time trial, then 1 mile cooldown. This was hard! But I ran the mile in 7:37 which is without a doubt the fastest mile I have ever run in my life. Heel dips after cooling down.

Saturday 7/1/17: 11 hours of sleep followed by a big breakfast and then a 40-mile bike ride from Brooklyn up through Manhattan to the George Washington Bridge, across to New Jersey, and then back. Whew! It was fun to be out on my bike on my own, and it let me get a better feel for what kind of pace is sustainable for me at longer distances. It seems like if I’m around 15 mph I can keep going for hours. Average for this ride was a little slower (13mph), mostly due to lots of start/stop traffic stuff (plus one crazy hill). Tailwind worked pretty well for nutrition on the ride but I was craving solid food by the end. Evening: foam rolling.

Sunday 7/2/17: Super-early 9 mile long run down to Coney Island with running buddy F. It was very humid even at 6 a.m., so this was hard. But it would’ve been harder alone. We kept a really steady 10:30 pace with a strong finish. Wading into the cold surf after the run was the best feeling.

Totals: 24 miles running, 40 miles biking, 1.5 hours rock climbing. And lots of sleep. So far, so  good.

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