Portland Marathon training week 1 of 16

I have the number 1 bib in the Wednesday night 5k races all summer.

Here we gooooo!

Monday 6/19/17: Bouldering at the climbing gym before work, plus foam rolling.

Tuesday 6/20/17: First run of training! 4 miles before work in super humidity with training buddy F, followed by heel dips and then some yoga/balance at home.

Wednesday 6/21/17: I started the first day of summer with 7 miles on my bike to try out my fancy new padded bike shorts. They’re … weird but good? I think I appreciate the back part of the padding more than the front part. After work I did a 5-mile run, the middle 3 miles of which were our running club’s Wednesday night 5k race. I was supposed to run 10:15-10:30s but actually did really consistent 9:45s. Gotta get the pacing sorted out. Did strength work (myrtls, pushups, planks) at home post-run.

Thursday 6/22/17: Morning bouldering session (plus breakfast) at the climbing gym. Easy 4-mile run after work, plus heel dips and then foam rolling at home. Feeling tired and glad tomorrow is a rest day.

Friday 6/23/17: A rest day is a rest day is a rest day.

Saturday 6/24/17: A torrential downpour turned into high-humidity sunshine just as some friends and I were starting the 5-mile Front Runners Pride race in Central park this morning. I ran the 5 and added 3 at the end for a total 8-mile long run, aiming for a 10:45-11:15 pace. Average was right around 10:45, though I didn’t hold it quite as steady as I should have: race miles were faster than the sad, lonely, second-time-through-Harlem-Hill miles at the end.

Sunday 6/25/17: Epic bike ride through the Hudson Valley, 45 miles total. This was my second year doing the Discover Hudson Valley bike ride and I’m a huge fan of it. There might be a separate post about the ride if I can find time to write it.

Totals: 21 miles running, 52 miles biking, 2.5 hours rock climbing. This feels like a solid start to training.

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