It’s spring!

…and I haven’t written a blog post yet this year!

February highlight: spelling out “LOVE” on the streets of Brooklyn with my running club for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been running pretty steadily, though, with some biking and climbing thrown in. Average weekly mileage is around 20 so far this year. 30 would be better. I’ll keep working toward that.

I’ve run a few races so far this year:

Joe Kleinerman 10K in January in Central Park: A cold day, snow coming down at the end of the race, and a PR at 54:49!

Al Gordon 4M in February in Prospect Park: Weirdly muggy and my first 4-mile race. I was super happy with my time of 34:20, averaging 8:35/mile pace.

Frozen Penguin half marathon in March as a training run: Brutal winds on the final four miles; otherwise a good run.

UAE 10K last weekend: Slower than my January 10K, as I was up on the trails the day before, and really I shouldn’t have run a 10K last weekend with Breakneck coming up, but the weather was oh so beautiful and the trees were blooming and all my friends were there.

I’m more or less prepared for the Breakneck Point trail half marathon tomorrow – it’s going to be brutal (with around 3,000 feet elevation gain over 13 miles it will definitely be my slowest half marathon ever) but I’ve been doing enough climbing and trail running that it shouldn’t break me. Last weekend T and I did a recon run on the trails that, as I’ve been telling people, “put the fear of god in me,” but also got me super excited about the race.

And then after Breakneck:

Redding Road Race: Half marathon 3 weeks later. I’m hoping to PR here, and the plan after Breakneck will be one week of recovery, one week of hard training, and one week of taper. It’s a hard course (hills!) but I know it well and it’s where I set my current half marathon PR (2:10:32).

Short races all summer: This summer is going to be a 5K and 5M party.

Hudson Valley ride: 55-mile bike tour in late June – I’ll need to train to be ready for the hills here, too.

NYC Duathlon: Heck yes, I signed up for a duathlon with a friend! Gonna have to figure out how these work. It’s 2.2 miles run, 12 miles bike, 2.2 miles run. The distances are not intimidating but putting them together is going to be interesting.

Portland Marathon: In early October. Training starts June 18, though I’m still trying to figure out what training will consist of.

It should be a good year.

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