Steamtown training log (week 16 of 16)

Steamtown finish.

Steamtown finish.


Monday 10/3/16: Rest day in Boston (lots of walking, though).

Tuesday 10/4/16: One mile warmup, one mile timed, one mile cooldown before work. Timed mile was 7:58, which is the fastest mile I’ve run!

Wednesday 10/5/16: Rest day, plus a bike ride to and from the track to cheer on F as he ran 4x800s.

Thursday 10/6/16: Morning run with friends: 5 miles, 10:45/mile avg. Runny nose most of the day.

Friday 10/7/16: Rest day, snuffling and blowing my nose but not feeling that bad.

Saturday 10/8/16: A little under 2 miles easy in the wee hours before packing up and getting on a train headed north.

Sunday 10/9/16: Steamtown Marathon! In terms of logistics and weather, it was a dream. In terms of my ability to run 26.2 miles at the intended pace, I was disappointed. More to come in a race report. Overall it was a great experience and I’m proud that I kept going even when it got really hard and painful. And my running friends and my non-running-but-incredibly-supportive family and my running-and-incredibly-supportive husband are all the best. *teary grin*

Totals: 36 miles running, 7.5 miles biking. 2nd marathon!

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