Steamtown training log (week 15 of 16)

Rocking my free sunglasses at last week's long run.

Rocking my free sunglasses at last week’s long run.

Taper time!

Monday 9/26/16: Glorious rest day. Not a lot of soreness from yesterday’s long run, but I was still feeling pretty wound up and excited about how well it went.

Tuesday 9/27/16: 5 easy morning miles in the park with a friend. Light rain. 5 strides at end.

Wednesday 9/28/16: 6x easy-ish hill repeats (Zoo Hill in Prospect Park) with F; 3.8 miles total.

Thursday 9/29/16: 1 hour bouldering plus 6 miles biking to and from.

Friday 9/30/16: 4.5 miles in the park before work. Cold and blustery; feeling pretty tired.

Saturday 10/1/16: Sister’s in town! But I still squeezed in a morning 5 miles, easy pace.

Sunday 10/2/16: Quick trip to Boston and I was so excited to do my final semi-long run along the Charles River. Okay, actually I was maybe a little over-excited. I was planning on long easy run pace (11:00-11:30/mile) but I did the 12 miles at a 9:40 average per mile. Grinning the entire way. Whoops? I probably should’ve kept the pace more under control but it just felt so fun to RUN. And I wasn’t struggling at the end (negative split, yeah!) plus I managed a full day of walking around the city after without much soreness.

Totals: 30 miles running, 6 miles biking, 1 hour climbing.

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