Steamtown training log (week 14 of 16)

This week was a strange limbo of “I should already be tapering but I didn’t get the long run last weekend so I’m still not tapering” weirdness, all resolved by a fantastic long run on Sunday.

Monday 9/19/16: Long-ish run down to Coney Island after work: 11.5 miles. I thought there was a possibility of making this into my last long run but it was too dark by the time I got there and the streets I would’ve had to run home were a little sketchy so I called it good at 11.5 and took the subway home with a bottle of chocolate milk.

Tuesday 9/20/16: Rest day.

Wednesday 9/21/16: 5 miles in the morning (still humid! What is this!) with a friend, and and additional 3 at night, running home from a first-aid training.

Thursday 9/22/16: Biked to the climbing gym for an hour of bouldering, then biked home.

Friday 9/23/16: Morning run with a friend, then after work I biked to and from the track with F to run his first-ever track workout. 9.4 miles running and 7 miles biking for the day.

Saturday 9/24/16: Rest day!

Sunday 9/25/16: Nailed it! 20 miles at the JackRabbit “Burrow run” – perfect weather and I made some new friends along the way. Average pace 10:15 (I was aiming for 11’s but was happy that faster felt so manageable). A handful of stops for water, lights, etc. along the way but overall this was a great confidence booster. And now I taper.

Totals: 49.4 miles running, 11.4 miles biking, 1 hour climbing. No complaints.

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