Steamtown training log (week 13 of 16)

The humidity lifted (briefly) and life felt amazing. Also, I’m a little late in posting this.

Monday 9/12/16: Rest day, but the weather was cool and clear and the air was dry so I went out for a little fun run in my racing shoes after work. 2 miles, some strides, some cartwheels.

Tuesday 9/13/16: Early morning run with a friend. Humidity is still low, low, low. 5.5 miles. Tight left leg bugging me. Argh.

Wednesday 9/14/16: Back to warm, humid weather. I still managed a good run after work – possibly the best-feeling run I’ve had in a few weeks. 10 miles with an average pace around 9:50. Lots of experimenting with slight stride adjustments to keep my left leg from tightening up (plus some quick stretches at every water stop). The combination seemed effective – the tightness would hit occasionally but then fade.

Thursday 9/15/16: Nearly two hours of climbing in the morning, plus almost 25 miles on my bike (to gym, to work, to Central Park, riding in the Transportation Alternatives rally for safe streets, and riding home).

Friday 9/16/16: 3 miles of intro-to-speedwork with F, then 5 miles after with 6 strides near the end.

Saturday 9/17/16: Camping with friends and realizing a long run is not going to happen this weekend :/

Sunday 9/18/16: More camping, then a terrible 3-mile run in terrible humidity. Ugh.

Totals: 29 miles running, 25 miles biking, 2 hours climbing.

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