Steamtown training log (week 12 of 16)

I’m only counting 6 days in this week, since last week’s long run happened on Monday. The humidity came back at the end of the week and I think I was way over-exhausted from the weekend trifecta of hard hike, trail run, long run … so there was not much going on this week. I hope next week is back on track. And I know a down week isn’t the end of things.

Tuesday 9/6/16: Rest day. Best thing ever invented.

Wednesday 9/7/16: A combination of bouldering, foam rolling, and stretching at the gym in the morning (45 minutes), then a loop of the Prospect Park trails after work. 4.3 miles total.

Thursday 9/8/16: Early-morning loop of the park with a new running club friend – 4.5 miles total. I’m still feeling a little sore/cranky from the heavy hiking and running this past weekend and am trying to take it a little easier for a few days.

Friday 9/9/16: It’s so humid and I’m so tired. Rest day.

Saturday 9/10/16: So humid, so tired. Rest day (except for an hour volunteer dog-walking).

Sunday 9/11/16: Still. So. Humid. Tried for a long run. Why doesn’t anything work? I managed 10 miles run/walk in three different chunks. Afternoon kayaking class included a dip in the Hudson River (practicing water exits!).

Totals: 19 miles running, 45 minutes climbing, 2 hours kayaking.

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