Steamtown training log (week 11 of 16)

It’s so close…

Monday 8/29/16: 1 hour top-roping at the climbing gym with J, followed by a rest day.

Tuesday 8/30/16: Trail night! A group of us did mostly trails and a little road running – my total distance was about 8 miles. My schedule called for 4 miles easy with some strides … oops.

Wednesday 8/31/16: 7 miles: first a park loop with F, then a brief meetup and run up the hill with friends, then the final miles alone.

Thursday 9/1/16: Eep, it’s September! 1.5 hours climbing in the morning with some running club friends, otherwise a rest day.

Friday 9/2/16: 10-mile run after a nice short day at work: one park loop with friend C, then two loops on my own. I was trying to hit something approximating marathon pace (10:15 or 10:20) near the end but just bounced all over the place. The weather is cooler and slightly less humid, which feels so good.

Saturday 9/3/16: 9.5-mile hike about an hour by train up the Hudson (from Breakneck Ridge to Beacon).

Sunday 9/4/16: I joined one of Brooklyn Trail Runners’ runs and did 5.3 miles on the Prospect Park trails. Tried to keep the pace easy.

Monday 9/5/16: 20-miler! Overall a really good run. My left leg got crazy tight and crabby a few times, but I realized if I stopped and stretched it good it was back to normal. I think I need to start taking foam rolling and stretching a little more seriously. 11:20 minutes/mile average.

Totals (counting 8 days in this week since I waited until Monday for my long run): 50 miles running, 9.5 miles hikin.

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