Steamtown training log (vacation week 2, Oregon/Brooklyn)

Spooky trees along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Spooky trees along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Second of two “vacation” weeks between the real weeks 10 and 11 of training for Steamtown.

Monday 8/22/16: Repeat of the 9.75-mile run from my sister’s to my parents’. This time the reward was coffee and sweet rolls. In the afternoon I went for a 3-mile hike with my sister in the Silver Falls area.

Tuesday 8/23/16: First of a 3-day hiking trip starting on the Pacific Crest Trail near Three-Fingered Jack. 11 miles total and some very unexpected toe blisters.

Wednesday 8/24/16: More hiking, now with lakes! 12 miles, no new blisters but plenty of tape on my toes.

Thursday 8/25/16: Final day, with 6 miles back to the trailhead.

Friday 8/26/16: Travel day.

Saturday 8/27/16: Back in Brooklyn! 1 hour climbing at the gym and a few miles on my bike.

Sunday 8/28/16: Long run up to Harlem. 18 miles, 11:35/mile. Followed by roasted peanuts and watermelon chunks from Fairway.

Totals: 28 miles running, 32 miles hiking, 1 hour climbing.

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