Steamtown training log (week 10 of 16)

I’m just back from two weeks of vacation, so this is getting posted a little late…

Monday 8/8/16: Morning climbing session with J, followed by a rest day.

Tuesday 8/9/16: Instead of climbing I slept in and it felt so good. After work I met up with some running club friends for 4 miles of trails in the park. I wore my heart rate monitor because I want to start tracking that more. 4.9 miles, 10:41 avg pace, 155 avg hr.

Wednesday 8/10/16: It was terribly hot and humid and I wanted to to about 9 miles with a bunch of half-mile intervals … fail. I ran a grand total of 3.25 miles and my knee felt angry (if I remember right, it was the knee that convinced me to stop, not the humidity).

Thursday 8/11/16: Morning climbing, followed by a rest day.

Friday 8/12/16: Last day of work before vacation; I’d hoped to be in the office a half day and run in the afternoon but I was in the office all freaking day. Guess it was another rest day.

Saturday 8/13/16: Travel day.

Sunday 8/14/16: And … running in Oregon! 2 laps of the loop road my sister lives on for a total of 4 miles. Loving the country roads and lack of humidity.

Totals: 12 miles running (uhh…) and 2 hours climbing.

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