Steamtown training log (vacation week 1, Oregon/Washington)

Mount Saint Helens summit

Total exhaustion at the Mount Saint Helens summit.

I set up my training plan with these two vacation weeks (following week 10 of 18) as down weeks, with the plan that we would hike the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier and I would not be running much, if at all. Plans changed and Wonderland didn’t happen, but I still left both weeks open for lots of hiking and basically running whenever I felt like it.

Monday 8/15/16: I did a 6.5-mile morning tempo-ish run from (another) sister’s house, then added 3 miles in the evening with F down by the Willamette River.

Tuesday 8/16/16: This was moving day for my parents, so it wasn’t exactly a rest day, but I didn’t run. Let’s call it cross-training.

Wednesday 8/17/16: 9.75-mile hilly morning run from my sister’s house to my parents’ place to have coffee with them. It was a gorgeous run through wooded areas and fields and I absolutely loved being able to run to visit my parents!

Thursday 8/18/16: Mount Saint Helens summit day! About 12 miles of ridiculously hard hiking spread out over 11 hours.

Friday 8/19/16: Well-deserved rest day.

Saturday 8/20/16: Made sure my legs and feet were still working on a 3.7-mile loop near my parents’ house, with lots of stops to eat blackberries along the way.

Sunday 8/21/16: Very hilly 8.9-mile loop from my parents’ house. I’m actually enjoying the hills.

Totals: 32 miles running, 12 miles hiking, 1 volcano climbed. I’m very happy with this mileage on a “do whatever I feel like” week.

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