Steamtown training log (week 9 of 16)

Little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.

Little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.

Halfway there. I hit 121 miles of running in July, which is my second 100+ month ever (first was 104 miles in April of this year, at the peak of training for the Redding Half). And 39 miles of running this week is, I think, my longest running week. Yay!

Monday 8/1/16: Biked to and from the climbing gym (for an hour of bouldering). I felt tired/sore from the weekend but managed to climb my first V4, on my first attempt! I’d watched some guys trying it yesterday, took another look today, and thought, “What the heck. I’ll try.”

Tuesday 8/2/16: Morning: bike ride to and from climbing. Evening: 7 miles on trails and grassy meadows in Prospect Park with two running club friends. I was exhausted at the end but it was such a fun run. The weather has been cooler and less humid and it feels so nice.

Wednesday 8/3/16: This was my final race of the summer 5K series! There’s one more in two weeks, but I’ll be out of town for it. I ran a 26:25 thanks to the less intense weather and some sensible pacing I was able to do for the first mile. Then beers, then a post-beer run home, for a total of around 5.5 miles.

Thursday 8/4/16: An hour of top-rope climbing with J in the morning, then 9 miles after work, still enjoying the lower temperatures and lack of humidity. The run was 1 mile warmup, 7 miles at marathon goal pace (which is 10:00/mile), 1 mile cooldown. It felt great at first but the second half was hard work – my legs were feeling tight and angry, and my stomach was incredibly upset. I’m pretty sure the stomach thing was because of something I ate, not because of the running.

Friday 8/5/16: Another hour of top-roping, but I was feeling pretty weak after whatever stomach thing hit last night.

Saturday 8/6/16: Rest day after an hour of easy bouldering in the morning – I opted to push my long run to Sunday to give myself a little more time to get over whatever hit me Thursday evening. Slept a lot.

Sunday 8/7/16: 17-mile morning run from Brooklyn up to the George Washington Bridge. I was aiming for 18 and things were feeling great until the extreme hill at mile 16, so I decided 17 was enough. Avg. 11:30/mile.

Totals: 39 miles running, 10 bike miles (sad face), 5 hours climbing.

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