Steamtown training log (week 6 of 16)

Saw a deer while hiking Saturday.

Saw a deer while hiking Saturday.

What a week! Heavy humid weather continues.

Monday 7/11/16: Rest day, but with 18 miles on my bike (to/from work, plus a couple laps of the park on the way home). My poor bike didn’t get much attention last week, and it was fun to be back on two wheels.

Tuesday 7/12/16: A little bit of everything. Bike to climbing gym, an hour of bouldering, bike to work, bike home, then 6 miles of trail running in the park with friends.

Wednesday 7/13/16: After work I ran 5 miles (avg. pace 10:07) with 5 strides near the end. The strides are the closest I’ve come to speedwork in weeks and weeks and they felt weird but good. I was pretty tired going in to this – heavy legs and all – but by the end I felt like I was actually running.

Thursday 7/14/16: Rest day.

Friday 7/15/16: Met up with the women’s cycling group for four laps of the park before work. Then I tackled the week’s long run after work. I was aiming for 15 miles and made it to 12 before I threw in the towel. Points for effort, and for stopping before I hurt myself. Avg. pace 11:22.

Saturday 7/16/16: 6.8 miles hiking to an overnight campsite. Hot day, full pack, but we got to swim in the lake and sleep outside.

Sunday 7/17/16: 6.5 miles hiking back to civilization.

Totals: 23 miles running, 45 miles on bike, 1 hour climbing, 13.3 miles hiking.

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