Steamtown training log (week 5 of 16)

This week is short because Monday’s long run got wrapped into last week’s log. The heat has been rough. Here’s how this week went down:

Tuesday 7/5/16: 7 steamy miles running as many hills as possible in Prospect Park. A few repeats on one hill, run to another, do another few repeats … it was hard, hard work but I did it.

Wednesday 7/6/16: Bike to the gym, 1 hour of bouldering, bike to work, bike home, 5K race. Whew. The weather is so hot and humid and I’m really happy with how the race went – results aren’t posted yet but I think I was around 26:50, which would be my 3rd fastest 5K time. Two women were crossing the finish just behind me and we all had a nice finishing kick, which felt good. (Update: final time was 26:53.)

Thursday 7/7/16: 4-mile run before work, with the middle two miles at a faster pace. This was really hard with the weather and the cumulative fatigue.

Friday 7/8/16: I headed out before work with the intention of getting my 10-mile long run in before our planned weekend camping trip, and managed to run all of one mile before realizing I just didn’t have it in me. Basically a rest day. The heat wave broke and I got caught in a wonderful rainstorm later at Brighton Beach.

Saturday 7/9/16: Camping was canceled because of the rotten weather forecast. Rest day.

Sunday 7/10/16: Redeemed myself with 10 miles at a 9:50 pace.

Totals: 25.3 miles running, 14 miles biking, 1 hour climbing.

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