Steamtown training log (week 4 of 16)

I’m making this into an 8-day week since the long run waited until Monday.

Monday 6/27/16: Rest day. I could’ve slept all day after the weekend’s trail running and biking, but I had to go to work instead.

Tuesday 6/28/16: 4-mile run in the park before work.

Wednesday 6/29/16: An hour of top-rope climbing with J, followed by a bike ride to work, followed (eventually) by a bike ride home. I was considering doing a one-mile time trial tonight but I have a hill workout tomorrow morning so the mile will wait until Saturday.

Thursday 6/30/16: 5 miles running back and forth on the Williamsburg bridge, plus biking to and from. I truly enjoy starting my day with this weird workout.

Friday 7/1/16: I met up with a group of women cyclists for some laps in the park before work. It was fun! I haven’t ridden in a tight pack like this before – we went two-by-two, with the front two moving to the back after every lap – and it kind of felt like being part of a bigger organism. 4 laps = 13.5 miles, averaging 15.7 mph.

Saturday 7/2/16: Ran a one-mile time trial. 10 minutes warmup, timed mile, 10 minutes cooldown. Mile time was 8:22 and I’m not so thrilled with that. I got home and almost immediately banged/stubbed my last two toes on my right foot SO hard on the end of a rolled-up carpet that’s been sitting in the bathroom hallway for too long. Ouch! Biked into the city for day one of wilderness first aid class, took the subway home at the end of the day, foot was throbbing and I couldn’t really walk on the right side of it by bedtime.

Sunday: 7/3/16: Foot was impossible; no running or biking. Took the subway into the city for day 2 of wilderness first aid. Feeling a little better by the end of the day.

Monday 7/4/16: Epic 13.1-mile run from our place through Sunset Park and Bay Ridge to Coney Island with F. He’s been training for a half-marathon-length run and he rocked this! It was hot and humid but we stayed pretty well hydrated and celebrated with beer and cheesy fries on the boardwalk. Foot was sore afterward but not a disaster.

This week’s totals: 25 miles running, 41.5 miles biking, 1 hour climbing.

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