Steamtown training log (week 2 of 16)

coney island This was a much better week than last week! Apart from shortening Tuesday’s run slightly, I did everything in my plan. The highlight was wading through the icy cold surf at Coney Island after Saturday’s long run.

Monday 6/13/16: Rest day, still feeling sick and gross.

Tuesday 6/14/16: Ran an “easy” 3.3 miles after work. Was aiming for 4 but this really felt like the limit of what my body could handle.

Wednesday 6/15/16: And . . . we’re back! Feeling a whole lot better. I ran a full 5 miles after work with my “runspiration” playlist (I’m a dork) on my headphones to keep my steps per minute high. Avg 9:24/mile, pretty steady (miles 2 and 3 a little faster).

Thursday 6/16/16: No running; 12 miles total (clipped in, no less!) for my bike commute.

Friday 6/17/16: Getting up at 5 and biking to the Williamsburg bridge for some hill running seemed like a great idea last night. The reality was I woke up at 6:30 and just ran loops of the mellow hill between my apartment and the Brooklyn Museum, plus a bonus run up the steps outside the museum, for 4 miles total. Plus 15 “extended bike commute” miles.

Saturday 6/18/16: 9 miles running through Prospect Park and down Ocean Parkway to Coney Island. The middle 7 miles were ridiculously well-paced – all really close to 9:45/mile. Taking off my shoes and wading through the surf was the best post-run experience. Icy cold!

Sunday 6/19/16: Morning: 6 or so miles on my bike, as lead bike and then sweep at a 5K race. Evening: Tagged along on part of F’s long run to get 5 easy miles.

Total miles: 26.4 miles running, 33.5 miles biking.

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